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Roasted Red Pepper Relish

Ingredients 3 red bell peppers1 small or medium onion (red or yellow)10 cloves of garlic10 habanerosolive oil1 lemonred wine vinegarsaltpepper(optional) greens: either cilantro, parsley or kale. Directions Clean produce. Peel the outside of onion. It’s OK to cut the onion … Continue reading

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Using Duration in Typescript

I’m converting Java 8 code to Typescript. Java 8 introduced a great Duration class that uses ChronoUnit to specify units such as DAYS or HOURS. You then instantiate a duration using that: Duration.of(3, SECONDS); Duration.of(465, HOURS); Duration can then interact … Continue reading

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Using FirewallD as a Linux Router

There are already blogs out there on how to use FirewallD as a router. In general, you enable masquerade. However, I could not find any that mentioned how to do it if you have public static IPs. Prior to using … Continue reading

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Creating a new Angular Site on Google Firebase

Angular is a framework for creating front-ends for websites. Technically, the site is static from a web hosting perspective, meaning that in and of itself it does not have a database, but rather only serves static files from the web … Continue reading

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Protected: The Super Rich, News and Profits

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Using JSONP in Angular 8

JSONP is one way to get around CORS when getting data from a REST service. It does require a callback feature on the part of the service, which isn’t readily clear in some of the blogs and samples online for … Continue reading

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Channels On Charts Need Log Scale

Log scale is an option you can turn on when doing most financial charting.  Your software may default to off, so you need to check this.  You should really have log scale on your trading and investing charts all the … Continue reading

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SPX 2009 Channel Bottom Touched – First In 2018

On Friday, Oct 27th, 2008, SPX touched it’s 2009 channel bottom near 2630 for the first time since Feb 2016!  Predictably, it bounced over 60 points before coming back down.  First touches are nearly always bought hard.  Being a Friday, … Continue reading

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Big Brother Watch Update, Aug 2018

Censorship Google helps China control citizens Dragonfly Copyright is the new poster child for censorship in EU New Copyright Powers, New “Terrorist Content” Regulations: A Grim Day For Digital Rights in Europe    

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The Magic Pill – Keto Diet Documentary

The Magic Pill is a documentary on the Keto diet available on Netflix.  The Keto diet basically is about returning to how we naturally ate before industrialization of food, specifically, eating more fat and less carbs.    My take on … Continue reading

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