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All S&P 500 Sectors Down For Week

You can see from the last 5 daily ticks on the these charts that all 10 Sectors were down last week. Up until now, consumers were expected to hold the US economy up.  The lack of upwind in retail threw … Continue reading

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S&P 500 Breaks Two Supports

A couple of days ago, concerned about the reversal pattern on the S&P 500, I drew 2 support lines and a resistance line at the top.  The first support is at 2060.  The 2nd one, because it was a more … Continue reading

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Contrasting Selling Naked Puts to Limit Orders

To contrast selling a put option with placing a limit order, let’s say you want to buy 100 shares of for $140 ($14,000), which is now trading at 140.08.  You could place a limit order for 140 and hope it … Continue reading

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How can Javascript access hardware on Android?

While the Apache Cordova project is providing a cross-platform and plug-in solution to deploying web applications as native mobile apps on Android, iPhones and Windows while giving you access to the hardware such as the camera, GPS and storage via … Continue reading

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Skydiving 2014 – AFF Videos

I’m trying to get my A license, which begins with Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) jumps. Your progress from Category A through Category I. You do 25 jumps, with 1-4 jumps in each category. A License Check Dive Category H4 Category … Continue reading

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Hitler Sells All His Bitcoins

This video is pretty funny.

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Portobello Spinach Recipe

When a friend of mine told me that a great way to quickly consume the giant container of baby spinach from Costco is to cook it, I immediately followed her advice.  Because I always loved canned spinach, I was on … Continue reading

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Android Gaming Adventure – Part II: Hardware Primer

As I mentioned in part I, the ASUS MeMo lacked the required hardware to do low latency high definition gaming on a TV, a requirement of any gaming console.  So, this beckons the question, what is the best tablet or … Continue reading

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Android Gaming Adventure – Part I: The Quest

Nearly a year ago, I bought an ASUS TF700T tablet, one of the best you could buy at the time.  I really love it, especially with the keyboard that attaches to it, increasing its battery life 50% while providing a … Continue reading

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Android Phone Market Share Grows To 81%

Strategy Analytics estimates that 204 million Android smartphones shipped world-wide in the third quarter, accounting for 81% of the smartphone market. That was up from 130 million units in the third quarter of 2012 when Android captured 75% market share. … Continue reading

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