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Principles of Communications when Developing Messaging Applications

This is an intro on the challenges and options to overcome while developing applications involving digital communications, particularly real-time. There are many streaming communication protocol options to choose from, including regular socket communications, WebSockets, MQTT and a Vert.x event bus. … Continue reading

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Stacks Blockchain API Architecture – WebSocket message flow

This discusses the architecture behind a critical piece for Stacks decentralized apps (dApps) developers: the flow of data from the Stacks Node where the block chain is constructed to the WebSockets service provided in the Stacks Blockchain API. dApps can … Continue reading

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Using Duration in Typescript

I’m converting Java 8 code to Typescript. Java 8 introduced a great Duration class that uses ChronoUnit to specify units such as DAYS or HOURS. You then instantiate a duration using that: Duration.of(3, SECONDS); Duration.of(465, HOURS); Duration can then interact … Continue reading

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