Skydiving 2014 – AFF Videos

I’m trying to get my A license, which begins with Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) jumps. Your progress from Category A through Category I. You do 25 jumps, with 1-4 jumps in each category.

A License Check Dive

Category H4

Category H2

Category H1 Landing

Category G4

Category G2

Category G1

Category F2

Category F1

Category E2

Here do a back loop, and try a front loop, but end up on my back. I had a blast! Cat E is the funnest jumps, yet! Now I graduated to being able to do solo and coach jumps.

Category E1

Category D2

In this one, I attempt two 180 degree turns followed by a 360.  It looks like I got the 360 down pat, but the 180s will take some practice!

Category D1

In this jump, my goal is 90 degree turns, same as Category B, but with no one holding onto me.  This is also my first jump with just one instructor.

Category C1 Skydive

The goal in this video is to fall stable and pull without anyone holding onto you.  Sherry only held onto my leg so she could fall as fast as me.  Where she held on doesn’t help my stability, so for all intents and purposes, I was keeping myself stable.


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