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Principles of Communications when Developing Messaging Applications

This is an intro on the challenges and options to overcome while developing applications involving digital communications, particularly real-time. There are many streaming communication protocol options to choose from, including regular socket communications, WebSockets, MQTT and a Vert.x event bus. … Continue reading

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Mapping Vue 3 Pages to Firebase Hosting

Vue 3 has a concept called pages that let’s you define different HTML pages acting as entry points to your app. You define these in vue.config.js in the root of your project. Here is a sample: module.exports = { pages: … Continue reading

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Big Brother Watch Update, Aug 2018

Censorship Google helps China control citizens Dragonfly Copyright is the new poster child for censorship in EU New Copyright Powers, New “Terrorist Content” Regulations: A Grim Day For Digital Rights in Europe    

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