Portobello Spinach Recipe

Portobello SpinachWhen a friend of mine told me that a great way to quickly consume the giant container of baby spinach from Costco is to cook it, I immediately followed her advice.  Because I always loved canned spinach, I was on a quest to make it taste better.  This is where my taste buds took me, creating a portobello spinach recipe that, I believe, tastes a lot better than canned spinach!


  • white wine
  • butter
  • chopped onion
  • chopped garlic
  • sliced baby portobello mushrooms
  • baby spinach
  • kosher salt


Lightly char chopped onions in iron skillet with flame on high.  Add white wine and put lid on to steam while reducing.  When reduced, add butter and lower flame to medium low.

Add sliced baby portobello mushrooms in other part of pan.  Add butter to mushrooms.

Stir and pull onions together.  They should be half way cooked by now. Pile chopped garlic on top of the onions so it begins to cook without direct contact with pan.

While the onions, mushrooms and garlic are cooking, put clean healthy spinach leaves in a pot.  Fill pot with water and move around to help clean the spinach.  Drain.  Add a little bit of water at bottom of pan to be used to kick start steaming.

Mix onions, garlic and mushrooms together.  When completely sautéed, add to spinach with 1 teaspoon butter and kosher salt.  Put lid on spinach and turn on flame to medium low so it begins to steam.  Stir occasionally until the spinach is how you like it.

When done, you now have a great spinach side dish.

Adding To The Portobello Spinach Recipe

Optionally top with fresh parmesan cheese.  You can also add other ingredients to this portobello spinach recipe, such as prosciutto.  Because good imported prosciutto is cured in salt, you might want to cut back on the kosher salt.

Other Concoctions Using Your Portobello Spinach

portobello spinach recipe prosciutto

Portobello Spinach With Prosciutto

Because this has onions, garlic and mushrooms, there are other things you can include this dish in as an ingredient where spinach makes sense.  I’ve created an Italian style grilled cheese sandwich combining this with fresh mozzarella, fresh grated parmesan cheese and tomato!



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    Mmmmm…..Yummy. I am going to try this recipe tomorrow! You’re a genius!

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