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Added Charting to Automated Trading System

This is a continuation of Developing an Automated Trading System.  Many of us use very robust charting software, including the popular thinkorswim platform, that does more than I plan to create in my system.  The requirement I ran into that … Continue reading

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Investing and Trading Resources

UPDATE July, 23, 2016: This post was moved to and is now being updated at Trader Central, a team of traders helping traders. Here is a collection of valuable resources for Investors and Traders. Links TraderCentral Mail List – Traders … Continue reading

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Contrasting Selling Naked Puts to Limit Orders

To contrast selling a put option with placing a limit order, let’s say you want to buy 100 shares of for $140 ($14,000), which is now trading at 140.08.  You could place a limit order for 140 and hope it … Continue reading

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