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The New Stacks Open Development Community

participants continue to share the belief that they ‘can do more in concert than individually’ — I propose developers in the Stacks blockchain ecosystem join together in one identity — The Open Development Community. Our primary objective is to … Continue reading

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Stacks Blockchain API Architecture – WebSocket message flow

This discusses the architecture behind a critical piece for Stacks decentralized apps (dApps) developers: the flow of data from the Stacks Node where the block chain is constructed to the WebSockets service provided in the Stacks Blockchain API. dApps can … Continue reading

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Simplifying WebSockets User Interface (UI) Clients with Happy Pub/Sub Patterns

A back-end WebSocket for live streaming data can typically offer subscriptions to data. Your client UI will typically have one connection to your back-end for all your subscriptions. The challenge becomes how to you handle many components in your UI … Continue reading

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Learning the Stacks SDK/API – The Demo Client

Stacks has a RESTful API and a library called Stacks.js. Stacks.js is a set of libraries for Typescript clients “which provide everything you need to work with the Stacks blockchain.” To develop a better understanding, I created a web client, a … Continue reading

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Mapping Vue 3 Pages to Firebase Hosting

Vue 3 has a concept called pages that let’s you define different HTML pages acting as entry points to your app. You define these in vue.config.js in the root of your project. Here is a sample: module.exports = { pages: … Continue reading

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Protected: Ohio at Risk

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In a world of ignorance, knowledge is power

Here is a very well documented list of the facts on using masks to try to control transmission from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS): Mask Facts And for those who like watching a video: Why Face Masks … Continue reading

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Roasted Red Pepper Relish

This easy to make roasted relish is one of the healthiest thing you can make. But, it is also one of the tastiest thing you’ll ever eat. It can be used to add robust flavor to new and traditional dishes. … Continue reading

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Using Duration in Typescript

I’m converting Java 8 code to Typescript. Java 8 introduced a great Duration class that uses ChronoUnit to specify units such as DAYS or HOURS. You then instantiate a duration using that: Duration.of(3, SECONDS); Duration.of(465, HOURS); Duration can then interact … Continue reading

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Using FirewallD as a Linux Router

There are already blogs out there on how to use FirewallD as a router. In general, you enable masquerade. However, I could not find any that mentioned how to do it if you have public static IPs. Prior to using … Continue reading

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