The New Stacks Open Development Community

participants continue to share the belief that they ‘can do more in concert than individually’

I propose developers in the Stacks blockchain ecosystem join together in one identity — The Open Development Community.

Our primary objective is to support each other to help us succeed. Together, our objectives can include creating the best free open source software (FOSS) as the core developers can build on.

To unite us, I propose these values:

  • Community first. People first. Then code. Our culture can support anyone looking to contribute.
  • Transparent. Our discussions of architecture, direction, plans and priorities should be visible with our code.
  • Collaborate across boundaries. All developers are invited to participate in our collaborations, including those who document and test, and those who work for or on other interests. Linux code today is often contributed by employees of companies. Yet, individuals without outside backing are 100% included at all times.
  • A bias for asynchronous. To encourage people from all over the planet to join us, our communications can favor asynchronous communications such as email lists to let all have a chance to participate regardless of time zone.

In the beginning, there is no official join process. If you’d like to contribute to software and believe in our values, you are a part of our community. While our end-goal is to support decentralized apps (dApps) development, all development that supports the Stacks ecosystem is included. This can include the stacks node, APIs, libraries, frameworks, tools, demos, middleware, configurations, templates and virtually anything else imaginable that can be built to help us create a better platform to help create a user owned Internet.

Dear Stacks Foundation,

Our community is independent of the Stacks Foundation. However, we invite people from the foundation to join us, to become part of us, as individual contributors and participants.

While our goal is to be self-sufficient in the long-run, we do welcome contributions that the foundation can offer to our community to help us have the best possible beginning, particularly when working on open source components that have no direct profitable path for the participants involved, yet produce value for the community and the ecosystem and help the overall success of Stacks.

Dear Hiro Systems,

Our community is independent of Hiro and any other organization or company. Yet, we value your contributions and hope you can both join us as individuals and partner with us as an organization to help further our common vision.

Please involve the community in the architecture, development, planning and prioritization of the reference implementation of the Stacks Node and related parts such as the API and libraries. There is a way to achieve synergistic balance where you can continue to develop the reference implementation while empowering the community to achieve faster time-to-market at improving components and innovating.

Our Impact

By collaborating across boundaries, the Open Development Community, Hiro and the Foundation can improve time-to-market, quality, and opportunity for all participants in the ecosystem. Together, we can dramatically improve the chance of success for Stacks, while creating downstream opportunities for profitability for all participants.

With the community’s participation, things like app chains and decentralized finance (DeFi) can quickly come to pass. Options can abound and best of breed can rise to the surface in addition to open standards driven by an open community that together can quickly rise to the challenge. This is a win for all of us as our open community lowers our risk while increasing our potential returns.

We can have a user owned Internet created by a family who builds together.

Where we go one, we go all (WWG1WGA)!

Also posted on the Stacks Forum.

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